Monday, January 21, 2008

The Spirit of Adoption

Q. I’ve heard you say, “The word ‘water’ will not satisfy a thirsty person.” Many people have read about God; but most people don’t really know Him. How can a person begin to get past the words to know God personally?

A. Your question is excellent, as it get to the bedrock foundation of how we live and experience the MIND OF CHRIST in our expanded or awakened Christ-consciousness.

Let me suggest that we first ask the Holy Spirit for the Spirit of Adoption, whereby we cry,“ABBA FATHER”.

In the Greek, this term (adoption) expresses first and foremost, recognition with great joy. It as if a child lost sight of his daddy at the mall and was frantic with fear until his father came to his side and said, “Here I AM, Tommy."

In his own way, Little Tommy would cry, with great joy, relief and happiness,“ABBA FATHER.”

This is the picture is of the Prodigal Son, who, while still a far off, having spied his father running to him, cried out, “Oh, ABBA FATHER!” as he fell into the Father’s loving, forgiving arms.

Then, the next part of the essential word takes place, which is summed up in the term, “The Placing of a Son.” But that’s for another blog post.

We must remember that the Bible is a book which contains some precious lessons to learn, but the WORD of God is “NEAR US EVEN IN OUR MOUTH." Just as the word water won’t help a thirsty man, the NATURAL MAN can never understand the Word of God. In deep, quietness we behold HIS glory, so that by being still, we can KNOW him, Whom to know is LIFE ETERNAL.

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Ready Maid said...

I can hardly wait to read your next post explaining the second part of the meaning of "adoption."

Please tell us more about "placing of a son."