Thursday, May 1, 2008

Top 20 Bible Questions #7: What About Oprah?

Q. I am deeply distressed by the Echert Tolle/ Oprah web study about the latest of his books, "The New Earth." Isn't this promoting a "new" God theology? Isn't this opposed to the Bible position on God? What can we do to prevent this New Earth theology from sweeping the world?

A.I take your question very seriously and will answer it from several points of view.

Your very fine question is the subject of many pastor's Sunday sermon. Many Christian study groups bring this up every week in a sincere worry about cults forming, or questions being raised. This kind of question promotes even more divisions in the Protestant faith.

Currently there are 20,000 clearly defined groups of Protestant groups, each proclaiming they have the Truth. All of them can not be totally correct, and all of them can not be totally wrong. The Apostle Paul proclaimed that many taught Jesus wrongly, but he was glad the Gospel of the Good news was being preached.

In each of Oprah's Monday night webinars with Eckhart Tolle, I have witnessed the use of the Bible, the words of Jesus and many good insights into how to think about consciousness. I say in response: Thank God that Jesus Christ is being preached. This new trend of expanding consciousness will help us all find a place where we are comfortable.

What bothers you about any part of any group is just a signal that you need to think about what disturbs you and thank God for that sign. These TV people are not your ultimate teacher, the HOLY SPIRIT IS. You can count on this. You must get very quiet and let the Holy Spirit teach you.

As my final point, I would urge you to remember this: "As a man thinketh, so is he." This does not say, "What a man thinketh..." I stress as a man thinks, so his growth in God follows.

Keep asking questions as they come, because they are the stairway to heaven for you.